Protect children on the move


September 2016

Publishers Mario Project
Author ECPAT Bulgaria – Neglected Children Society
Zones Bulgaria
Date of publication 2017
Total pages 70
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The Advocacy book is produced by ECPAT Bulgaria – Neglected Children Society in 2016 within  Project “Mario II – Joint Action to Protect Children on the Move in Europe”, funded by OAK Foundation and it is dedicated to the care and protection given to Bulgarian children on the move on national and international scale.

The edition combines national analyses with results and recommendations from transnational researches and international documents. This Advocacy book presents the existing problems of children at risk in Bulgaria, as well as the dimension of the situation of children on the move in Europe. The national and international recommendations included in the Book for improvement of cares given to children at risk also outline the possible ways of transnational cooperation for effective protection of the rights of Bulgarian children on the move both in Bulgaria and EU countries.

The Advocacy book includes 4 issues related to the improvement of protection of children on the move:


The Advocacy book contains valuable information about the situation with the Bulgarian children on the move – victims of trafficking, exploitation and abuse, summarized on the basis of national and transnational researches, as well as basic guidelines for improvement of cares for children in Bulgaria and other European countries and their protection at national and transnational level.  The recommendations were presented at a national advocacy meeting in September 2016 and they were based on the conclusions made in the national research on the problems related to cares given to children in Crisis Centers and their reintegration.

The Advocacy book was also presented to the State Agency for Child Protection, the Bulgarian Ombudsman and the National Commission against Trafficking in Human beings during their bilateral meetings with the Greek Deputy Ombudsman for child rights and representatives of ARSIS organisation – Greece in December, 2016 within a transnational activity initiated by ECPAT Bulgaria in the frame of Project “Mario II”.


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